Neo Cubism

Cubism was the starting point of an evolutionary process that produced diversity; it was the antecedent of diverse art movements. Cubism was the first abstract art style, abandoning the tradition of perspective drawing and displaying many views of a subject at one time. My interpretation of Neo-Cubism is a combination of cubism with a non-traditional approach to my subject.

“I am in between styles here, always searching, always challenging myself to move forward with my work and creativity. I want to express more than just a visual expression, I want people to think about what I am trying to portray. I find that Neo Cubism is a style where I can make a statement through my work–the unrest in the world, the bureaucracy of our governments, the control of our world through global corporations. We all must make a statement, whether it is through your art, verbally, or in written form.

At the moment, as in most of my work, I create in vivid color.. The dominance of color in this style makes a statement; color influences us all and I find it is powerful in stimulating a reaction to my subject.

The figures used are semi abstracted, always distorted in form. The viewer becomes intrigued and inquisitive which draws him closer to the subject, allowing one to think about the painting rather than just enjoying the visual form and color.”

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