Abstracts Paintings for sale in Paris

“Abstracts are a merger of other styles, a learning process of development, pro-creating a lucidity and confidence to produce a successful abstract. One must be slight of hand, most abstracts are produced fast and spontaneously.

It is a personal freedom of expression bringing together everything you have learned over the years through spontaneous strokes applied with palette or brush, without organizing ahead of time. With feeling and passionate emotion allowing your hand to move faster than your mind–keeping a lucidity, a free flow that is essential for any large abstract with impact. It is the thrill of executing an abstract in a short time and achieving your goal.”

“Throughout my lifetime, I have endeavored to paint and express myself in many different styles and techniques, having taken each style to an ultimate conclusion. My latest endeavor is a culmination of every emotion and perseverance through the development of a free and uncompromising expression, the consummation of many techniques over the years; evoking a spontaneous execution a sub-conscious transformation challenging me when I am creating it becomes part of me. It is pure energy expressed in the shortest possible time to prevent retouching or controlled design. This spontaneous execution is so hypnotic, so much so, that it is almost impossible to be influenced by a previous work, achieving total originality every time.”

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